In Canada, as elsewhere in the world, the treatment of anaphylaxis is suboptimal in many patients (1). On the one hand, in community pharmacies, we offer a single dosage to all our patients (regardless of whether they are thin or obese). While in the other hand, these same patients receive an adjusted dosage according to their weight when they present to a hospital emergency room.

For the first time in Canada, it is now possible to offer a larger dosage that is better aligned with the Anaphylaxis Treatment Protocol published by the Government of Quebec in September 2018.

Pharmaceutical intervention through a professional opinion

In order to change the dose of epinephrine prescribed for one of your patients, use this pharmaceutical opinion model as inspiration:

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1) Waserman, S. et al, Management of anaphylaxis in primary care: Canadian
expert consensus recommendations. Allergy 65 (2010) 1082–1092;